90 m2

We developed Villa Mia concept with two main benchmarks: to reveal the best design that can be done with a limited budget, and to create an easy to access garden and outdoor spaces with an visually rich and charming landscape.

With these goals in mind, we first dealt with the outer area, which was quite unusable due to its low elevation under terrace level. By leveling the ground level up, we turned the outdoor area into a lawn and we gave the owner the opportunity to access easily their garden. We strengthened the perception of privacy and private enclosure by softening masonry garden wall through a perimetral use of landscaping along them so by doing so, we blurred and gently masked the view to the neighboring plots.

At the time of choosing the plants, we tried to focus on creating a harmonious and visually rich collection by using species from Aegean and Mediterranean regions and combining them with several tropical plants. Soptting a plant that blooms or changes color in the garden every season was one of the important criteria in this project.

By redesigning the façade to be completely transparent and open directly to the garden, we visually combined the interior and exterior spaces, turning the garden into an extension of the house.

We diversified the interior and furniture color palette with green, yellow and beige tones and wooden surfaces to follow up with the colors from the garden. We created both contrasting and complementary and harmonious accents with throw pillows, wallpaper and repetitive patterns and objects brought by the owner from his travels abroad. By combining strong and vibrant colors with pastel tones, we took care to create spacious spaces that open to each other with high life energy.