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1B loft 32A8

LOFT 32A was perhaps the most ambitious of our low-budget transformation projects: our primary goal was to use natural light in the most efficient way, while creating a space that is unique and with character of its own.

With the idea of expanding the already limited day light range in mind, we redesigned the entrance façade from scratch. Then we expanded the living room by repositioning the toilet and we added an extra volume to the living room by pulling back bedroom wall. By filling the rather irregular column spaces up to certain heights, we added niches that add depth to the living area. Bedroom door was replaced with a sliding glass door that disappears into the wall, allowing natural light to reach the deepest corners of the house. Since the bedroom is located at a lower level, we have reconsidered the existing strip windows that felt like a concierge’s apartment as another primary design problem: the result is round-shaped porthole windows that blend perfectly with the harmony of the house and give the feeling of traveling with a yatch while resting.

In the interiors, we combined vibrant and pastel tones and we picked bold and characterful colors. We combined light beige, white and wood and mint green tones with vibrant ocher and green colors. The wallpapers on which we worked specially for this project became an indispensable element of this interior. When selecting the furniture, we moved forward with the principle that each product is an indispensable part of the architectural plan. We chose products that come to life from the plan dimensions, have character, have the feeling of being in the right place, and are enjoyable to see.

We continued with the bold color choices inside bathroom. While adding a sense of depth with glossy black and reflective brick walls, dark cabinets and sanitary ware, we also created a strong contrast with the yellow ceiling and emphasize the feeling of being in a private space where the user is alone and can enjoy his/her time with him/herself.